Pyrotec PackMedia works with its customers to improve marketing displays that increase consumer interaction and push sales. Whatever your product, Pyrotec PackMedia improves in-store marketing with display strips that are perfect for showcasing smaller products at the ends of shelves, and hang tabs that boost visibility and reduce packaging costs. 

Suitable for high-impact display challenges
By increasing product visibility, hang tabs raise brand awareness and create additional merchandising opportunities. Pyrotec PackMedia’s range includes:

•             Hook hang tabs for quick and easy removal and rotation of products.
•             Reinforcer hang tabs that improve existing packaging durability and reduce product returns and sales lost because of damage.
•             Round hole hang tabs that are ideal for hanging smaller, lightweight products.
•             Eruo slot hang tabs are ideal for both single- and double-wire peg hooks, and allow brand owners to display products vertically, face-forward, anywhere in the store. 

Hang tabs not only reduce packaging materials and cut packaging costs by allowing brand owners to display more in less space, they also self-centre and are simple to load for ease of use at retail.

Getting the best display possible
Pyrotec PackMedia’s marketing Display Strips are ideal in that they’re customised to best suit customers’ brands and help products stand out at retail. 

Merchandising Display Strips are perfect for increasing product awareness and encouraging impulse sales as they can be strategically placed at any retail location where they’ll make the most impact. Applications include cross-merchandising to promote merchandise near complimentary products or in high-traffic areas, such as cash registers and aisle endcaps.