Cash Connect, designs
its own cash vaults built to SABS CAT 4 standards.
  The focus is on the automation, i.e.
biometric identification of cashiers for ease of quick and accurate deposit
transactions, electronic and dual controlled locking mechanisms to manage entry
to the vault, as well as the construction of the safe wall and the overall size
and weight of the device.

Did you know that
today the most common tools used to access cash from safes include: sledge
hammers, cold chisels, industrial angle grinders, industrial drilling
materials, cutting torches, and explosives, which have become one of the most
common means of attack? It is important to ensure that the device you choose
can withstand the toughest of attacks.

South Africa is
leading the rest of the world with technology that work to deter cash-related

It’s now up to
business owners to make informed decisions as to the most appropriate cash management
technology and solution available that will protect their businesses.


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