Rather than going out and buying new bits
sets and kits, for just a few popular well used worn bits, replace and upgrade
these with new superior quality longer lasting Felo bits. At the same time, you
may want to extend your range of sizes and get extra back up units for your popular

Most workers will have a number of sets and
kits around with worn bits, upgrading all these with the top of the range
quality Felo bits will give you much longer bit life and a far better
connection on what you are driving. Its also key on having the 100% correct bit
for the job, i.e. size and type, this where Felo comes into its own as there is
no bit, type, or size that they do not have.

The range also
includes an Industrial bit range catering for all types of screws and
fasteners. All the ranges are also offered in all the various lengths, from 25
mm to 150 mm, plus an extra slim option to fit the various heads.

Many DIYers and
workers in industry are  aware of the
problem when you don’t have the correct bit for the job, Felo solves this problem
with their massive range of bits, holders and every conceivable specialist bit
type, impact holders, the magical Felo AllStar is a must have bitholder for
all, this unique magnetic holder is double magnetized, to securely hold the bit
and screw.

“Felo’s comprehensive range covers all one
ever needs when it comes to bits,” said Ryan Hunt Director Vermont Sales. Their
range covers the market needs all the well-known bits, all the specialist’s
bits, such as Tamper Proof Torx bits, that are normally not available, a must
have if you do a lot of repairs to electric tools and household equipment. All
the current type bits are also available, Robertson, Hex, Classic slotted, ball
end Hex, there is really nothing they do not make and stock,” said Hunt.  

To view the selection, types and uses go to
www.vermontsales.co.za and click on Felo

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