Bigger deals and deeper discounts is what shoppers can expect from the country’s foremost rent-to-own provider Teljoy’s extended Black Friday deals this year. 

With promotions on everything from appliances to consumer electronics, shoppers are encouraged to sign-up to the Teljoy Black Friday mailer on their website to  make sure they know exactly what they want – and how big the deals are – when the promotion officially kicks off on 2 November and runs until 29 November 2020. 

“Home is now not just where the heart is but also where many of us now work and spend the bulk of our free time considering the lockdown and the impact of the global COVID-19 pandemic, which means people are looking for things to make that space more comfortable, more user friendly and more functional,” says Aimee Miller, Group Marketing and Customer Experience Executive at Teljoy. The online retailer has a wider range of items that can add to the optimisation of the home, including washing machines, fridges, television, office furniture and even home gym equipment.
Miller emphasises that the Teljoy team have worked hard to ensure their website is able to handle the anticipated traffic during this period. “Our objective, beyond offering great deals, is to ensure consumers have a pleasant shopping experience on our website. We offer a quick and easy two-step-only application process and a stress-free user experience that allows easy access to product specifications and comparisons,” Miller explains. 

At a time when household income is under severe pressure, rent-to-own, the model Teljoy specialises in, offers a flexible alternative to high-interest debt or the dreaded hire purchase. Rent-to-own is characterised by access over ownership, together with far more flexibility than buying a product outright. It removes the risk and cost of debt from the equation because the month-to-month agreement is completely flexible in that the product can be upgraded, downgraded or cancelled and returned without incurring hefty penalties. The maintenance and risk cover that comes standard with the rental contract offers consumers further protection in event of the item needing to be repaired or replaced.