Remote Metering Solutions (RMS), the largest privately-owned supplier of utility metering technology in South Africa, has announced its participation at the Green Building Convention 2023 in CT, from November 15 to 17th. 

With the theme ‘The Year of Y/our Space’, the convention aims to delve into the transformative impact of space in the built environment, highlighting the critical role of sustainability in shaping our future. 

As a frontrunner in smart metering and utility management, RMS is set to contribute its extensive expertise to the convention, engaging in crucial dialogues centered around sustainable practices within the built environment. 

“Space, energy and water are intrinsic parts of our everyday lives, and as we navigate the complexities of the built environment, we must consider the role of sustainable resource utilisation”, says Ilse Swanepoel Chief Operating Officer at RMS and board member of the Green Building Council South Africa.

Renowned for its commitment to cutting-edge technology and environmental consciousness, RMS’ participation underscores its alignment with the themes of the Green Building Convention. 

This alignment solidifies RMS’ position as an integral participant in crucial industry discussions, emphasising the company’s pivotal role in driving sustainable change within the sector. 

“Events like the Green Building Convention are pivotal for the built industry, offering the opportunity to share knowledge, spark innovation, and create a sustainable future,” says Frikkie Malan, Chief Commercial Officer at RMS. 

“We believe in the power of collaboration and the value of data as the main driver of informed decision-making towards the sustainable future of landlords and tenants. We see this event as the ideal platform to foster partnerships and synergies.” 

Representing RMS at the event will be a 10-strong leadership team of industry experts, including CEO Chris van der Walt, COO Ilse Swanepoel, CCO Frikkie Malan, and CIO Mario Schehle. 

These seasoned professionals will be available for interviews and meetings throughout the convention, providing insights into the latest trends and innovations in utility management. 

To schedule an interview or meeting with any of these RMS representatives during the event, please contact [email protected].