So what can this printer do and how will it improve
label printing?

High print quality and image
 – the limitations that can be found with
flexo graphic plates in terms of image resolution are virtually non-existent
with the Panorama digital printer. Colours are more vibrant, images are
enhanced and the general quality of the printed label is much better. A higher
quality label product for our customers.

Fast and furious print –
with press speeds of up to 50m/min the high production capacity of the Nilpeter
Panorama allows for Rebsons Labels to print orders exceptionally quickly and
reduce lead times considerably, saving our clients both time and money.

Customised labelling –
The Nilpeter Panorama has been designed to fit individual requirements for each
client’s labelling specifications. The ease of use enables us to respond to any
customer requests – printing the exact quantity required with no minimum, no
waste, fast turnaround, and a low cost per label.

Personalisation –
in a world where consumers are looking for more personalised products (think of
craft beer and personalised Coca-Cola cans) it can often be tricky to provide
this personalisation due to time and cost restrictions. Rebsons Labels however
is now able to offer personalised labels for products through the Nilpeter
Panorama Digital Printer, allowing our customers to order the exact label
quantities they need. Whether this is 1 or 100,000 adhesive labels.

only can Rebsons Labels offer all of the above but extras such as foiling,
lamination and delamination can also be produced quickly and cost

To complement the press and add value to your labels Rebsons has teamed up the
Nilpeter Panorama with ABG’s market leading digital finishing machine, the
Digicon Series 3. Being both quick (running up to 64 metres per minute) and
flexible, Rebsons Labels is able to offer a wide range of sophisticated
finishes with this machine. Some of these include reverse printing and printing
on the adhesive/liner, to cold foiling, super varnishing and lamination. This
is a high precision finishing machine capable of producing impressive labels
and packaging. It is suitable for a wide range of industry applications. 

Says Benny Friedman, owner of Rebsons Labels: “Rebsons Labels has always moved
with the technological trends over the past years, upgrading and purchasing
state-of-the-art label printing equipment. My first Nilpeter press changed my
business. I printed self-adhesive labels that were far more sophisticated than
before, launching my business into a whole different league”, Friedman
explains. “All the presses I have bought over the years have been
state-of-the-art, and the Nilpeter Panorama now adds to this.” says Friedman.

At Rebsons Labels we’re excited to be able to offer our clients this state of
the art technology and service, to ensure that they receive labels of the
highest quality, in the quantities they need and in the time that they need

Rebsons Labels will be hosting an Open Week from the 5–9 February 2018 so that
clients can see a demonstration of the Nilpeter Panorama in action and
understand how this will simplify, enhance and improve their label printing.
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