Over the last couple of years, small businesses have grown in confidence and capability to wrestle back the monopoly enjoyed by more established, international products within South Africa’s food chain. 

Biltong, fruit, alcohol, and various other essential foods like rice, beans and flour are now being produced by the smaller players who are matching the big guns in quality and price.  

One such local brand is Chill-e, a local business established by Tasneem Latib. Chill-e has developed a premium, quality tomato sauce and Tasneem is gunning to get her brand noticed and onto local shelves. She tells us all about it.

When was Chill-e Organics founded and how did you go about establishing the business?

I established my company in 2018 with savings that I had built up from my time in corporate.

How many products do you have in the range?

I had done research and development for quite a few products then narrowed it down to the Bombay Chilli, Red Sesame Chutney, Chili Mayo and the Chili Smash Mayo. We also have a Chill-E Tomato Sauce.

What inspired the organic approach to the ingredients you use?

I am a diabetic and through my own experience preservatives and fillers affect my levels therefore I had to come up with products that I could consume without making my sugar levels rise erratically. 

How do you differentiate your products from other smaller players in the business?

Definitely the taste! It’s delicious and anyone who has tasted it will tell you so.

How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected you and how have you navigated these challenges?

Covid -19 has affected us tremendously! We were catering for weddings, funerals and religious events before lockdown and now we have pivoted to a premium brand tomato sauce.

South Africans are proud of their heritage and love to support local brands and products. How have you found the support you have received since the launch of Chill-e Organics?

The support has been great especially in our direct marketing campaigns.

What growth prospects do you foresee for the business?

Very good growth prospects once we have fully adapted to the new normal. A bottle of sauce is a staple on every table in South Africa.

Where is the Chill-e Organics range available for purchase?

We are available online at www.chill-eorganics.com, Vensy Emall and direct to homeowners via Masterrib.

Chill-e sauce range: