The Rawlplug® brand has been synonymous with innovation, reliability and safety in the development and manufacture of construction anchors and fixing products.

Rawlplug resin anchors can be split into two main groups: capsule systems and injections systems. The Rawlplug capsule and injection mortar systems consist of two chambers, one filled with a polymer resin and the other with a hardener. Various resin types are available in each system from Polyester to Vinylester and Epoxy. Bonded Anchors are used for fixing threaded rod, internally threaded sockets and rebar to many types of structures Substrates. It is not commonly known that Polyurethane foam has high thermal insulation properties? Due to correct filled spaces and dilatation they can reduce the financial losses related to the escape of heat.

There are 3 key products in the range
RawlPlug RAW R-KEM-II-300
A Polyester Styrene Free Resin Chemical Anchor. Ideal for all Concrete and Hollow substrates, odour free and perfectly safe for indoor use. Applications include Staircases, Gates, High racking, Canopies, Sanitary appliances, Steel construction, Railings, Handrails, Consoles, Ladders, and Cable trays.  Features and benefits this product is the perfect application and approved for all Threaded Rods, for use in cracked and non-cracked concrete (EAD 330499-00-0601) Its the strongest resin in the polyester resin class. Also suitable for use in dry and wet substrates including flooded holes. 

Installation direction covers downward, horizontal, and upwards installation, with minimal shrinkage, providing option of use in diamond-cored holes and oversized holes. It has an extremely high chemical resistance – suitable for applications exposed to influence of various agents in industrial or marine environment. Extended working time ensures easy installation of metal components up to 30 min. in 20°C) this is R-Kex the Rawlplug epoxy bonded anchor.

RawlPlug RAW R-KF2-300
A Polyester Resin Suitable for Concrete with a highwater resistance and European Technical approval for Non-Cracked concrete. Applications include, Guard rails, Handrails, Canopies, Masonry supports, Fencing & gates, manufacturing and installation, Balustrading, Cable trays and Curtain walling

RawlPlug RAW R-KER-II-400 – MOQ 10
A Hybrid vinylester Resin Chemical Anchor approved for application in flooded holes with an extremely high performance in concrete and excellent chemical resistance. 
Applications include Pipeline systems, Curtain walling, Balustrading, Handrails, Canopies, Large panel reinforcing system – Copy Eco, Cable conduits and trays, Fencing & gates, Pipework/ductwork supports, Platforms, Passenger lifts and Seismic Strengthening. 

The Rawlplug Company was founded in 1919 to continue the development of fixings and fasteners which that first spark of genius had ignited. For nearly a century since there foundation, the Rawlplug® brand has been synonymous with innovation, reliability and safety in the development and manufacturing of construction anchors and fixing products. Rawlplug changed the fixing industry with its key inventions still being used today. They are responsible for inventing the wall plug, Rawlbolt and spring toggle. 

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