RAWLPLUG the world’s leading manufacturer of specialist anchoring, and fixing systems, equipment, tools and the 4ALL comprehensive range of universal plugs and screws have dominated this industry for a century due to their long successful history, experience, expertise and their very active R&D 

Why Rawlplug is the better option, it was the founder of the fixing systems way back in 1919, they are world leaders in this field, being the original patent holders and inventers of the Rawlplug and Rawlbolt, they understand that the best quality and expertise is required, the result being they manufacture and deliver products up to that standard.

They are way ahead when it comes to quality, strength and innovation. The company and their SA partners Vermont Sales offers a unique customer service, both in the field and on site or wherever it may be required. Training is also available on request for their unmatchable range of fixing systems.  

The Rawplug quality products are made from a far stronger material, for both their steel and their plugs in their manufacturing, this is essential for the anchor to function effectively with the best results and to meet the Rawlplug international standard. Rawlplug has a very comprehensive range covering all aspects from fixing, fastening, anchoring in every aspect in every industry, there is a Rawlplug product for every application.

They have the largest range of very unique products, some projects are common others are very different and require something special, in many occasions specified specifications need to be met for bigger construction projects. For this Rawlplug will have the unique product to meet the demand and these specifications. More affordable to the trade and end user yes, they stand out amongst the rest and are well known internationally, by investing in Rawlplug products can be considered as investing in your project, the input determines the outcome in every situation. 
Rawlplug along with Vermont Sales completes the circle as they not only offer a quality product for every application, but they also provide the expertise on where to apply what product and to make recommendations to assure the best completion of the project. “There are many products on the market but Rawlplug certainly leads the way in this industry as it can carry the full weight, fix it solid and anchor it to stay,” said Sales Director of Vermont Sales Ryan Hunt

Rawlplug 4ALL
This comprehensive product range covers all that one needs, and nothing is left to chance, the unique internal design provides a positive grip for screws. Anti-rotational lugs promote grip in a wide range of substrates including soft masonry materials. The Rib detail at plug head provides added grip. The expanding section is designed to collapse in hollow materials and provides a positive grip behind surfaces. The unique 4-way expansion allowing application in any substrate material and type. The solid head design provides strength whilst the plug is installed.
The application covers every conceivable material concrete, solid brick, sand-lime brick, vertically perforated clay blocks, hollow sand-lime bricks, aerated concrete blocks, plasterboard, lighting, wall cabinets, wardrobes, letterboxes, TV brackets, bathroom fittings, Electrical fittings and shelves just to name a few. 

Rawlplug pride themselves in providing the highest quality industry-approved products and the most extensive range, which is constantly evolving to meet users’ demands and expectations. Their high manufacturing standards go hand in hand with outstanding customer services, backed by the comprehensive R&D, technical advice and professional engineering support. 

The Vermont Sales Rawlplug Specification Team provides a complete package of technical support from the design stage of a project to its completion. Their Technical Advisory Service can be contacted at Vermont Sales they will also provide information, technical data, and samples and arrange for one of their engineers to call on offices, sites and retailers

They will also visit sites to conduct Pull-Out Tests. This is particularly useful where structures are unknown or potentially weak, for example solid of hollow, low-strength block work, which can be as thin as 100 mm, and brickwork, where there could be voids and poor mortar strength. A series of tests is carried out in accordance with the engineering requirements and in compliance with BS 8539 and the Construction Fixings Association guidelines. 
A recommendation is then made based on the actual results obtained to enable an accurate specification to be done, and for the correct product to be selected.

The Rawlplug Company was founded in 1919 to continue the development of fixings and fasteners which that first spark of genius had ignited. For nearly a century since there foundation, the Rawlplug® brand has been synonymous with innovation, reliability and safety in the development and manufacture of construction anchors and fixing products. Their range includes, bonded anchors, direct fastening systems, installation fixings, facades, insulation fixings, roofing fittings, lightweight fixings, mechanical anchors, power tool accessories, screws, sealants, adhesives, self-drilling screws, stapling tacking and gluing equipment.

For more information, on the Rawlplug products contact Vermont Sales on 011 314 7711 or visit their web site www.vermontsales.co.za
Rawplug products are available from leading outlets countrywide for information on your nearest outlet call Vermont Sales on 011 314 7711.  Trade enquiries welcome