The QR Code (Quick Response Code) is not new but is an ingenious way of
satisfying customers’ needs for entertainment, interaction and information. It
can also be a company’s best marketing friend as it is the gateway to a wealth
of priceless information about their target market.

As a
machine-readable optical label, the QR Code can be read using a smartphone
camera, or by downloading the QR reader APP.  As over 60% of South African
Internet traffic derived from mobile phones, using the QR Code as a marketing
tool makes so much sense. Classic code uses include product information, access
to nutritional data and product use directions. Savvy marketers entice their
audience to answer insightful but quick surveys via the QR Code. With 44% of
people agreeing that on-pack promotions influence their buying decisions, the
perfect ‘hook’ is a cash reward, a product discount or travel prize.

survey and report experts, Surveway, have successfully harnessed the power of
the QR Code to run successful surveys for their clients, helping them to engage
with their consumers and supplying them with valuable data in return. Real-time
insights help companies to understand what clients like and dislike about their
products, giving manufacturers insights for their next product launch and
clients are instantly notified of any negative feedback via SMS.

Code marketing is one of many survey tools offered by Surveway. Contact
Christine for more information on   011 568 0982, or email