With the Festive Season just around the corner, many families are planning their long-awaited family vacations. Pratley has compiled a recommended road-trip survival kit for those unforeseen breakdown emergencies when travelling. The kit consists of the following Pratley products:

Pratley SP001 is ideal for repairing lead acid battery casings, coating metal battery housings to prevent corrosion. It is exceptionally resistant to water, diesel, oil, battery acid, and paraffin, and is also tolerant to prolonged immersion in water once cured. It bonds well to most rigid materials.

Pratley Rubber Tape is ideal for fixing low-pressure leaking pipes and making handle grips. Other uses include: sealing cables and insulating wires, sealing coolant pipes, and insulating spark plug leads. This self-fusing rubber tape will not unwrap or come loose. 

Pratley Putty Standard Setting can be used on radiators (non-plastic) and cracked oil sumps. This hand-mouldable adhesive sets very hard. It is a world-first, and is also the only South African product to have gone to the moon.

Pratley Steel Quickset is a fast-setting adhesive metal filler and mender that sets very hard and matches the colour of most ferrous metals. The fact that it sets so rigidly means it can facilitate filing, sawing, machining, and sanding within two hours.

Pratley Wondafix Car is a strong, tough, flexible and shock-resistant adhesive for a multitude of problematic car repairs. It is black in colour, and can therefore be used where colour is important. It bonds well to most materials, and is abrasion-resistant. It is well-suited for repairing scuffed hoses, rubber car bumpers, cracked car dashboards and windshield seals, and electrical lead insulation. 

Pratley Powda-Bond is a highly versatile adhesive and powder filler repair kit. It can be used as a two-part (with either a black or white filler) or as a single adhesive. It sets ultra-fast, and can be sanded, filed, drilled and painted. It adheres well to most plastics, and is ideal for repairing car bumpers, damaged wheel caps, motorcycle side fairings, and radiator overflows.

Pratley Gasket Maker is a tough, elastic, high-quality flange sealant and gasket maker. It is grey in colour, and is able to tolerate temperatures from -50°C to 300°C. It is resistant to chemicals such as petrol, diesel, paraffin, water, oil, and ani-freeze. It is non-corrosive, and has no negative impact on electrical component such as sensors. It is ideal for engine sumps, gearboxes, and pipe flanges.  

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