Pratley is well-known and respected in the electrical Industry for its world-class cable termination products for both normal and hazardous locations. To complement its product range, Pratley now also supplies an extensive range of lugs and ferrules.

Unlike many ordinary lugs and ferrules available, the Pratley products are of an ultra-high quality and are made of exceptional quality tin-plated copper. Therefore, they are aimed at the high end of the market.

“It is now more convenient than ever for our customers to also satisfy their lug and ferrule requirements when placing orders for their usual Pratley electrical products,” comments Marketing Director Eldon Kruger.

The Pratley lugs and ferrules are also very competitively-priced and supplied nationally and internationally for use by electrical personnel in industrial and mining operations. These high-quality products are manufactured from copper and tinned to prevent bi-metal corrosion.

The lugs and ferrules are for use with stranded copper conductors. Pratley supplies a wide range that covers cable sizes from 1.5 mm2 to 240 mm2. The lug range also includes a wide assortment of stud sizes to cater for popular cable termination sizes.

The full cable termination product range from Pratley includes cable glands, junction boxes, Kwikblok® rail-mounted terminals and accessories, end connectors and sleeves, electrical tapes, cable retainers and clips and lugs and ferrules.