Pony Jorgensen pipe clamp head and tail stocks make economical, strong durable clamps. They are easy to mount on standard 19mm pipe with ends threaded. One can custom make your clamps to the size you require by choosing the pipe length you require. All Pony pipe clamp fixtures include quality features such as steel thrust-bearings, special, smoothly cut Acme threaded screws, malleable and ductile iron casting with a baked enamel finish and the original “Multi-Disc-Clutch” design. This allows for quick adjustment of clamping size.

Pony Jorgensen also offers a wide range of bar clamps ideal for DIYers, hobbyists, carpenters, cabinetmakers, woodworkers, metalworkers, and everyone in between. Made with high-quality aluminium and steel to last a lifetime. Their aluminium bar clamps have an excellent strength-to-weight ratio, making these strong, lightweight bar clamps perfect for both commercial and DIY applications. The bars are crafted from an anodized, rust-resistant aluminium, and their rectangular design creates a stable clamping surface for edge gluing. The tail-stop’s trigger spring takes advantage of notches on the bar to lock into place.

The steel bar clamps are seriously strong cast-iron with stationary and sliding heads, finished with an orange, powder coating and merged with a high-carbon, the rust-resistant steel bar that packs a whopping 100,000 pounds per square inch of tensile strength. The fast-acting sliding head is acme threaded to accommodate a cold-drawn steel screw with a large easy-grip handle and swivel pad. 
The original multiple-disc-clutch design allows the sliding head to hold securely at any point along the bar. Available in a wide variety of sizes and clamping forces for light-duty, medium-duty, and heavy-duty applications. When your project calls for a deeper hold, consider the Jorgensen Pony deep throat steel bar clamps, they contain all the same high-quality materials as the traditional steel bar clamps but with 125 mm, 175 mm, and 225 mm reach.  A special for welders is the copper-plated screws, handles, and swivels to help protect against weld spatter in welding jobs.

Unique Jorgensen E-Z HOLD bar clamps allow for rapid and easy clamping and can easily be converted to spreader clamps. The contoured comfort grip and quick-release lever make it simple to get a firm grasp, and their exclusive patented feature lets you join two clamps together to create a clamp with more than double the opening capacity of a single clamp. Deep-reach pads help protect your work.

Our most affordable E-Z HOLD bar clamps are ideal for hobby and craft projects. They come with all the same features of the medium- and light-duty E-Z HOLD clamps, except for the ability to join two clamps together.

For hobbyists, carpenters, cabinetmakers, woodworkers, metalworkers, and professional tradespeople seeking a bar clamp with superior rust resistance, look no further than the Pony Jorgensen drop-forged bar clamp. The drop-forged steel bar is chrome plated to ward off rust longer, and a heat-treated acme screw provides increased durability.

There’s a reason Jorgensen I-bar clamps are the most popular heavy-duty steel bar clamps. The special steel I-bar design is tremendously strong and stiff, and the clamp head is fixed for maximum resilience. A cold-drawn steel screw with smoothly cut acme threads attaches to ductile cast-iron castings to complete the clamp. Users can depend on this clamp to withstand the rigorous daily demands of school shops, commercial woodworking operations, metalworking factories, welding applications, and serious woodworking applications.

The Jorgensen Cabinet Master 90° parallel jaw bar clamp is a cabinetmaker’s best friend. Its large plastic jaws distribute clamping pressure over wide areas and stay parallel to assure square corners and prevent workpieces from bowing or lifting. This makes it the perfect clamp for flat-panel, box, cabinet, frame, and panel-door assemblies – or any project that requires squareness or evenly applied pressure. A built-in clamp stand allows for one-handed use and quicker sliding-head adjustment. Just reverse the sliding head, and you have a spreader clamp.

The Jorgensen Style 3700-HD Heavy Duty Steel Bar Clamps are ideal for all types of heavy-duty clamping and is a workhorse for its size and design. They are used by DIYers, hobbyist, carpenters, cabinet makers, woodworkers, metalworkers and professional trades people of all types.

Protective pads made of thick, durable plastic protect your work. Clamps rest parallel on work surface for ease of work placement and adjustment. It is a sliding head design: the sliding head is threaded to accommodate the screw with a large easy to grip handle and swivel pad. All adjustments are made in the moveable sliding head, making this style fast acting, easy to open and close and suitable for close quarters clamping.

One can easily move the sliding head up and down the bar. The 127 mm steel screw with their large easy to grip handle and 41 cm diameter plated steel swivel can be tightened or loosened to meet your exact pressure needs. The 3706-HD has a 152 mm opening capacity, a 76 mm reach and a 454 kg load limit. The strong, light weight 2.54 cm x 1 cm steel bars are plated and rust resistant. The Multiple-Disc-Clutch design consist of three hardened plated steel clutch disc and one spring which allows the sliding head to hold securely at any point along the bar.