Pony Jorgensen have launched an all-new instant floor standing display unit, fully packed and ready for display in your store.

The packed boxed and shelving units make up the display and just need to be opened for your instant display. 

The units are inclusive of the informative branding, signage and header boards and each unit has individual sets of clamps with each product having its own individual card. 

The Pony are a simple operation, open it up and you are ready for business.

There are a variety of options, 7 compartment boxed displays, a large 4 shelf free standing unit with a large header board.

The range includes every conceivable clamp, ratchet hand, steel bar, expandable spreader, and G clamps, Pipe, Bar, F, I bar, jaw, plus heavy-duty clamps, available in steel and aluminum plus a variety of sizes. 

A unique range of clamps designed for all types of clamping. Pony Jorgensen are world leaders in specialist clamping offering the widest selection of innovative clamps specifically designed specialist clamps.
These exclusive Pony Jorgensen QDP display packages come as a special inclusive deal of the display units at no cost depending on your stock order, plus additional product discounts if you buy the complete units.