Once the production
line is operational it will produce drinking yogurts for babies for the
company’s Agusha and Miracle Children ranges.

The new production
line will be capable of producing 12,000 bottles per hour, which increases the
company’s total baby food production in the state of Omsk by 15%.

PepsiCo introduced
its Agusha range in the country in 2017, and the new expansion project has been
approved as the company seeks to grow its presence in the region.

Neil Starrock,
president of PepsiCo’s Russia, Ukraine and the CIS division said: “PepsiCo has
been working in Russia for a long time and we are striving to develop our
business in this country.

“Creating our
products, we take into account the local preferences of consumers and pay
special attention to the development of products that are traditional in Russia
and are made from domestic raw materials.

“The brand of baby
food “Agusha” has Russian roots. For the production of “Agusha” products we
purchase milk of consistently high quality.

“With the launch of
new production equipment, Munros-M will produce even more products for children
from milk supplied by agricultural enterprises in the Omsk Region.”

Source: FoodBev