As the impact of the pandemic and consequent economic shutdown begins to pay the price in the currency of human lives, medical professionals are reminded that regular engagement with patients is possible without the need for the traditional one-on-one consultation.

The KardioFit App, just launched by BrandMed and available free to patients via their doctors, offers four key touchpoints:

·         Access to Professional Advice

·         Holistic Lifestyle Programme

·         Home monitoring

·         Direct link to ER24

Social distancing, likely to become a fixture in the new world, creates a number of challenges such as when needing to talk to a psychologist, psychiatrist or social worker with whom a patient has developed a history.

Trust is essential to restoring their calm and well-being in these circumstances and to this end KardioFit offers users a safe and secure telehealth online video platform where they can consult with their GP, psychologist, psychiatrist or specialist of choice. 

Also offered are guidelines for exercise and diet; as well as sleep hygiene and breathing techniques.

It has been well-publicised that patients with chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, asthma and emphysema are more at risk of becoming infected with the coronavirus. KardioFit enables users to monitor, measure and manage their health with its Bluetooth home-monitoring range of devices.

Designed to improve compliance with test and medication reminders, it also shares monthly reports with a selected healthcare professional and provides a centralised patient drug diary.

In the event of an emergency, KardioFit has an SOS button directly linked to the ER24 Call Centre.

Should readings in patients using the KardioFit app be dangerously high or low prompting the need for urgent attention, an ambulance will be dispatched free of charge to anywhere within the borders of South Africa to ensure that the patient is safely transported to Emergency Care.

*Assistance on the KardioMD telehealth app access available on request by email at, and further details at