Aspirant data scientists in their final year of study still have
until the end of June to apply for a bursary for the 2020 academic year that
will see them enter the Shoprite Group’s Data Science Academy in January 2021.

Based in Cape Town, the academy offers a year-long programme in
which apprentices have the opportunity to extract knowledge and insights from
complex data sets involving sales, inventory, consumer spending and much more.

A key component of this programme is the mentoring each apprentice
receives from an experienced data scientist. These mentors act as guides that
help the apprentices navigate the real work problems they will encounter in the
course of the programme.

Successful graduates will seek solutions for a retail leader, the
Shoprite Group, which consists of 17 trusted brands and employs 147 000 people
across 15 African countries. The Group’s extensive bursary programme assists
students with tuition, books and accommodation fees, and comes with a work-back
agreement, which in this case translates to the apprenticeship at the Data
Science Academy.

To be considered for the
bursary and entry into the Data Science Academy candidates must at the end of
this year graduate with a degree or postgraduate qualification in one of these

●       Data

●       Mathematics

●       Statistics

●       Operational

●       Quantitative
Management (or similar quantitative degree)

●       Computer

●       Industrial