boots are no longer just an essential piece of equipment for world-class soccer
stars and amateur players alike, but have also become a fashion statement. From
international superstars such as Cristiano Ronaldo to recreational players, we
all covet boots that offer high performance, comfort and eye-catching style.

International spends a great deal of time and effort into researching and
developing their range of soccer boots, which includes the Striker, Midfield,
Keeper, Foul, Coach and Blast. The range is bright and vibrant, with
eye-catching water resistant PU uppers and trendy studs for better traction.
We all know boots don’t make the player, but the right boots will make a
dramatic difference to how you play.

colourful Striker is a multi-stud soccer boot with a hip PU engineered, water
resistant upper with a bold trim pattern. The TPR 2-colour sole offers maximum
grip on grass and compliments the upper colours to give you a great looking,
easy-to-clean, football boot at an affordable price. Available in black and
orange, or lime and blue, these boots will ensure that you get all the action
on the field. (RRP 499.)

The sporty Midfielder is
an aggressive soccer boot with water resistant PU uppers, trendy studs for
better traction and a removable sock for easy replacement. Available in black,
blue and lime or blue and white, these shoes are made for midfielders who like
to dribble into open space, turn well, and beat their opponents. (RRP 549)

The fashionable Keeper is an attractive navy and white
soccer boot which features water resistant PU uppers. The functional studs will
ensure excellent traction on the field and the sock is removable for easy
replacement. With its matching laces, the shoe will get you noticed – not only
by other players on the field, but we bet the girls too. (RRP 549)

The multi-stud Foul
soccer boot boasts a sporty and water resistant PU engineered black upper with
a shiny striped pattern. The TPR sole offers maximum grip on grass and ensures
a great looking, easy-to-clean, football boot at an affordable price. These
boots will set you up for outstanding control on the field. (RRP R449.)

The yellow and blue or orange and black Coach
soccer boot boasts a sporty and water resistant PU engineered upper with
well-designed studs for better traction. It offers a removable sock for easy
replacement as well as colour matched laces. Complementing the upper colours,
the sole makes for an eye-catching boot, which offers outstanding control on
the field. Available in sizes for men and youths, the RRP is R549.

If you want to stand out
on the field, the Blast
is the soccer boot for you. Available in a
striking lime and blue combination, it shouts winner all the way! Not only is
the synthetic uppers eye catching, but also water resistant. The soles are
light and flexible with colourful multi-stud designs offering great grip. The
inner socks are made from memory foam to ensure great comfort. (Available in
sizes 6 to 11, RRP R499)

Olympic International’s
soccer range blends exciting and innovative design with the best performance
technologies and materials, seamless constructions and fashion-forward design.
The brand is affordable, durable, lightweight and caters to both the beginner
as well as elite sports enthusiast. 

The range is available at leading retailers countrywide or online:

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