Let’s face it, finding that perfect paint colour to enhance your interior or exterior walls can be challenging at the best of times. Depending on the angle from which you’re viewing, the amount of light coming into the area you’re viewing, or the screen resolution of the device you’re viewing from, your ideal colour can come up differently in each of these scenarios.  

Olympia International Paints places strong emphasis on living up to its ValYOU brand promise by striving to bring the best in quality, value, and product to its customers at every touchpoint in the selling process.  Its customer experience research has highlighted that their customers are spending a great deal of time in their online colour department, very likely matching colours to suit the requirements of their living spaces.  In order for Olympia’s customers to match their colours to their exact requirements, they have invested in devices called Spectrophotometers, which are paint colour matching devices, for their sales staff.    

Called the Olympia Spectro, the Photometer allows one to measure colour on a variety of surfaces, and then match that against a database of global colours, making these devices an ideal solution for achieving a quick colour match with a high degree of accuracy and consistency.  

Palash Moodley, the CEO of Olympia Paints says that Olympia Spectro offers real time colour matching, ensuring a rapid turn around time from measurement to supplying tinted product.

The revolutionary handheld colour matching instrument is loaded with Olympia’s full selection of colours ranging from off-whites, to pastels, to neutrals and naturals, to soft and muted tones and  accent colours, and provides a powerful and versatile way of finding an exact match for any sample, and can even be applied to textured or patterned materials to give an accurate colour match.  

Additionally, the instrument provides access to global colour selections, which brings the best global trends right to you.   

So, whether you’re a painter, DIY enthusiast, or simply a fan of colour, Olympia’s Spectro Photometer guarantees a 100% colour match every time.