The OLFA L7-AL with the new 18 mm blade section at the rear of the handle, is the latest X Design Series designed for heavy loads. A comfortable and safe grip handle made of elastomer and reinforced polypropylene material. That is acid and acetone resistant. In the large opening at the end of the grip is a handy hole for a safety neck strap or lanyard – preventing the tool from falling or becoming loose, compatible with various metal handles, such as the common carabiner type, that can be attached. The cord does not interfere with the operation, nor in the replacement of the blade. The hole also allows for convenient hanging of the knife on the wall or on the board with tools.

The durable, two-component injection moulded handle is made of an anti-slip elastomer reinforced with polypropylene. A heavy gauge stainless steel blade channel that holds blade tight and a chemical resistant handle for easy cleaning.  Plus, easy tool-free blade change for convenience and safety. The blades are the normal high quality carbon tool steel are produced using OLFA precise multi-step production process for unparalleled sharpness and superior edge retention. The long lasting, durable snap-off blades have a new sharp edge with each new snap.

About Olfa
OLFA designs, develops, and manufactures its products in Japan. Ever since Yoshio Okada, the founder of OLFA CORPORATION, invented the world’s first snap-off blade cutter in 1956, OLFA has been committed to developing practical and safe hand-held cutting tools.

OLFA brand blades are made with top quality materials, forged with technologies that stem from traditional sword-making, sharpened with technologies that give a blade life, and ultimately finished with the artistry that 
brings all of this together.

The holders and handles that allow users to gain the full cutting performance of these high-quality blades are designed, developed, and manufactured in Japan and subjected to stringent quality checks throughout the process. OLFA is proud of the unwavering quality that goes into every product it makes.

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