Striplox is used on solid timber, MDF, composite panels, aluminium features, all wood types and more. It is revolutionizing the hardware, design and cabinetry industries worldwide. It’s a simple, important and yet often overlooked engineering fact that to create anything man-made you must join things together.

The joining of materials creates everything that we depend on in our daily lives including products, machines, buildings, cars, aeroplanes, bridges, large civil structures, mining and excavation equipment, pipes, computers and technology, medical innovations, water and storage solutions to name a few. Striplox patented technologies are proven cutting edge engineering solutions that make the simple, yet highly imperative task of joining perfection every time. Joining innovations are embedded in the technology, products and processes of leading edge multinational companies on a global basis saving millions, in reductions on labour and costs.

How it works
Nature’s engineering in man-made creations, Striplox is the leader in joining assembled parts and structures. Their solutions were inspired by natural engineering perfection. Utilising the principles of biomimicry, Striplox designs have been inspired by the way clams attach themselves to rock ledges using anchors at the end of hundreds of small filaments, called byssus threads. These threads, although thin and flexible, have a high tensile strength producing a very strong hold when their combined strength is added together.  This natural engineering perfection has been applied in Striplox’s innovative engineering solutions.

The business benefits are cutting costs in a number of business areas. 
Manufacturing – less parts, quicker and safer assembly, simpler designs
Materials – less materials and less quantities of parts or components
Transport – products can be made in parts, flat-packed for transport and assembled quickly and easily on site
Servicing – using Striplox, many products can now be disassembled, fixed and then re-assembled throughout the life of the product
Recycling – Striplox makes it easier and cost-effective to both recycle and re-use of materials.

The technical superiority is huge
Striplox is a range of strong and versatile mechanical joining systems that allow simple, safe and efficient assembly, without complex methods, processes or multiple parts. 
Striplox delivers a uniformly loaded join by spreading the loads and forces evenly across the entire join.
With a Striplox solution, traditional, time consuming, labour intensive joining methods such as nuts, bolts, screws, welding and adhesives are no longer used.
Striplox can simultaneously reduce failure risks and costs and enables the easier adoption of high-strength, state-of-the-art composite materials.
In most cases only a single one-step process will complete the join.
Striplox technology can join traditionally incompatible materials as well as objects that have complex curved edges.
Striplox technology provides simple self-alignment of joint components.
Simple to use, fully adjustable, highly customisable and made from environmentally friendly, durable, heat stabilized glass reinforced nylon, Striplox will meet all required needs in numerous applications.
Aesthetically, Striplox replaces visible screws, brackets, fittings, connectors, latches, cam and dowels, mounting blocks and other mechanical components providing leading edge design solutions. They can be surface, or rebate mounted in either vertical or horizontal positions.  Plus, they can be used for permanent or reversible assembly and reassembly. 
Simple, strong and secure, perfect for Kitchens and Bathrooms, Cabinetry, Architectural Projects, Commercial Design, Furniture Manufacture, Retail Space, Signage, Exhibitions & Displays, Wardrobes/Closets, RV & Marine, Feature Wall & Ceiling Panels, Acoustic Timber Walls & Ceilings

Designed to suit all standard manufacturing processes
Incorporating the recognised standard S-32 drilling pattern for ease of fitting and assembly
No visible fixings or bags of loose fasteners
Replaces visible screws, brackets, fittings, connectors, latches, cam and dowels, mounting blocks and other mechanical components.
Eliminates damage – install panels during final build
Lower transportation cost – flat pack
Lower labour costs on site assembly
No tools or trade skills required for assembly
Variety of mounting options, glue and screw fixing
Strength, durability and versatility
Allows flat pack and knock down furniture and components to be locked together

The Striplox Pro 23 connectors have been designed for literally hundreds of uses, from large scale architectural projects through to custom design features. It’s ideal for installing modern timber battens, hanging cabinets, floating shelves, bookcases, artwork frames, mirrors and feature panels. It also achieves the results you want with bespoke furniture with its narrow profile for tidy concealment. Supported by its amazing strength, versatility and varied range of uses. 

The Striplox Pro 55 connectors are the same design as the Pro 23 but with a larger size for extra heavy duty requirements. With a larger load capacity, you can achieve leading edge designs with architectural projects, furniture designs, exhibition displays through to bathroom, kitchen and office builds and installations. Create unique key design elements such as feature batten ceiling designs, mantel piece installations plus numerous structural innovations. 

The Striplox Mini 60 and 120 an invisible joiner suited to everyday builds, custom cabinets, wood joints and anywhere else you commonly use biscuit joints, fasteners or cam and dowel products. 

The Striplox Clip 50 is designed with some smaller precise applications in mind, this versatile and strong connecting system can be used in the tightest of places quickly and efficiently in commercial, architectural or domestic applications. The Striplox Clip 50 offers an advantage 6
being used on a less than perfectly square wall with its unique locking system and the option of permanent or reusable assembly. The locking key can also swivel for easy positioning. Tight, neat, fully concealed solution that can be a permanent or fully reusable joint every time.

The Striplox 90D 98 is an innovative engineered solution designed to quickly and easily connect any right angle joints. It is ideal for common joints including mitre joints, butt joints, T joints, square joints, frame joints and flush joints. The Striplox 90D 98 is the must use connector for achieving the highest level of satisfaction. The Striplox patented design pulls the substrates firmly together to form a strong and tight joint in one simple action by distributing the loads evenly over the entire connector and joint.

The Striplox 180D is incredibly strong and easy to use in one action. Imagine adding tables together in seconds at conference venues and restaurants! It will join almost any 180 degree join in numerous applications. Create custom made boardroom, conference, kitchen and benchtop tables, workstations, retail fixtures and large scale exhibition displays. The Striplox 180D creates perfect panelling and signage and can be used on post form or solid materials.

Striplox Megalox is ideal for bench and table, its simple to use, and ultra-strong, Striplox Megalox is ideal for bench and table top installations of mitre join, T join or box joins. You can design office partitioning exactly to your unique specifications. The perfect solution for office, bathroom, furniture, toilet partitions and locker room installations and manufacturing. Benchtop Waterfalls and custom designed kitchen benches can be created with ease and no time delays waiting for glues to dry. The Striplox Megalox is a convenient (RTA) system that enables flat packing for easy transportation.

Liquidlox is a general purpose, middle viscosity, high strength fast cure adhesive compatible with all Striplox assembly products and a wide range of substrates.

Striplox Jigs
The range of Striplox Jigs aid installation to save time during fitment by accurately marking fixing centre points.

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Striplox is a new leading multiple joining system in the Vermont Sales operation and is available at all leading outlets countrywide for more information talk to your retail outlet or contact, Vermont Sales on 011 314 7711 or visit their web site    
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