The Emerging Truckers Association of SA (Tasa) was founded mainly by women in the transport and logistics business sector with the aim of facilitating transformation and making it possible for emerging role players to thrive in the industry.

Speaking at the launch in Sandton, Deputy Transport Minister Sindisiwe Chikunga said there was a need to facilitate the entry of more black businesses in the industry.

Welcoming the launch of Tasa, she said the department was looking at the holistic value chain to transform the industry so all players could have a share of the market.

The voice of emerging truck operators

Tasa said it aimed to be the voice of emerging truck operators in the country. It said it also planned to empower young people to take part in key businesses within the transport sector and would mentor those who were statutory certified.

South African coal transporters generate about R1.1bn and transporters of goods such as petroleum, manganese, chrome, iron ore, food and beverages as well as general cargo, generate about R10.9bn, said Tasa convener Mary Phadi.

While unpacking Tasa’s objectives, Phadi said: “At Tasa, we mainly want to represent truckers from a previously disadvantaged background with limited resources and those in supporting industries, including women who are in the personal protective equipment space,” said Phadi.

“Tasa intends to play a role of influence within the supply chain by changing the status quo within the truck-towing services, maintenance, sales and distribution, logistics, fuel supply, tyres supply and fitment, truck parts and spares, financing of trucks, the stock exchange, the bargaining council, fleet management systems, tracking services and panel beating.

“It will entrust members to provide these services, including tax filing, accounting and book-keeping, as well as address truck safety issues.”

Overcoming barriers

In SA, transportation and logistics is a lucrative industry, but it is very capital-intensive and many of those who want to enter the industry struggle with access to capital, attaining contracts, and access to industry information, which can lead to exclusion, says Tasa.

“Tasa will embody transformation and see it through by collaborating with VBS Bank from a financial viewpoint so its members can have access to financial support for their businesses, ” said Phadi.

“The association expects world-class quality services from its members that will be appointed as service providers within its network, hence it will have a monitoring committee.”

The new body said it would be hosting a roadshow in order to “engage industry players in all provinces” and it was ready to implement “radical transformation to all sectors that are linked to transportation.”

Source: Business Day