Water is vital for ALL life on our planet. It is a precious resource that is essential for the environment and we need to utilise water in a responsible manner. 

The GARDENA ecoPulse Cleaning Nozzle (18304-20)  has been designed with exactly that in mind.  

It saves up to 40% of water with the improved jet cleaning performance when compared to standard jet sprayers. 

Ideal for effectively cleaning intensive stains and hard surfaces but also gentle on flowers and plant with fine spray.

The advantage of the ecoPulse™ Spraygun is that it offer 4 different spray patterns: 

1. ecoPulse™ cleaning jet spray 

2. hard jet  

3. sprayflat jet spray   

4. mist spray

The soft plastic components make the ecoPulse™ Cleaning Nozzle convenient and comfortable to handle. Sprayer has an ergonomic trigger button and integrated lock. Water flow adjustment and water shut off make watering and cleaning even more convenient. 
The GARDENA Balcony Spraygun (18405-20)  – Compact but powerful.  
The GARDENA Balcony sprayer is designed to be powerful and ergonomic and is perfect for gentle watering of plants and has been compactly designed to be used in confined spaces like balconies and terrace gardens. 
The soft plastic handle has an integrated lock on the trigger which reduces fatigue on the hand. The single-finger water flow adjustment make handling particularly easy. 
All the products in the GARDENA watering range are frost proof and UV protected.
Due to the premium quality of the sprayguns, we offer 5 year warranty on the range.