“Action Can supply a huge range of exciting quality products who operate in multiple market sectors. They provide a comprehensive range of first-class products well known and highly respected in the industries. They are backed up by in-house technical facilities, customer service, with a dedicated sales and marketing team,” said Dale Englebrecht Director Vermont Sales. “This new comprehensive range fits our customer profile perfectly and opens up many new opportunities for the company. We have ordered a comprehensive range of the popular products so dealers can offer a really unique collection to their customers,” said Englebrecht.

The individual product categories include Lubricants, Cleaners, Steel Fabrication, Anti-Corrosion, Paint and Workshop Specialist Applications. The range will cover the following popular products categories. Call them or visit their web site www.vermontsales.co.za to view the full list of Action Can aerosol products.


Chain & Gear Lubrication

Machine Oil Lubricant

Rapid Penetrating Oil

Fully Synthetic Oil

General Purpose oils and lubes

Silicone Lubricant

Clear Grease/High Temperature

White Grease/Damp Conditions

Belt Grip Enhancer

Dry ‘Moly’ Spray

PTFE/High Speed

Quick fix, all-in-one can solution


Dry Film

Anti-Seize & Assembly

Copper Anti-Seize 13

Engineering & Electro-Mechanical

Cleaners, Anti-Corrosion & Paints

Workshop cleaning

Specialist cleaning

General Cleaning

Hand Cleaning

Blue Crystal

Large Wipes


Fast Evaporation Solvent

Brake Cleaner

Contact Cleaner

Electrical Solvent

Stainless Steel Cleaner

Glass Cleaner


2-in-1 Zinc Paint

Waxy Anti-Corrosion Coating

Maximum Zinc Coating

Long-Term Protection

Red Oxide Primer

Metal Working

Cutting & Drilling

Solvent Anti-Spatter

Water Based Anti-Spatter

Gas Leak Detection

Air Tool Oil

Line Marking

Contact Adhesive

Hand & Tool Wipes

2-in-1 Zinc Paint

Waxy Anti-Corrosion Coating

Maximum Zinc Coating

Long-Term Protection

Red Oxide Primer

About Action Can

In 1985 Action Can launched AC-90 Multi-Purpose Lubricant onto the UK industrial market, leading to the development of an entire Action Can range. In the three decades since, they have established themselves as one of the UK’s leading manufactures of professional grade maintenance chemicals. AC-90 the flagship multi-purpose lubricant has set the standard for the ‘all-in-one’ product category, effectively lubricating, penetrating, displacing moisture, protecting against corrosion and cleaning, according to their CEO “In the Right Hands Action Can is A Power Tool!”

Action Can provide a comprehensive range of first-class products. Their ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 accreditations demonstrate their commitment to research, development and manufacturing quality standards. Developed to meet the exacting requirements of professional engineers all products are manufactured in their UK and European facilities, the Action Can product range offers product choice, proven performance and a full in-house quality control. They are a globally recognised brand of professional-grade chemicals that give right-first-time results, every time. With a heritage stretching back over 50-years, Action Can products are the first choice for professional engineers around the world.  “Tested, Trusted and Approved.” The Factory manufacture over 20,000,000 cans per year at their site in Somerset, England and in Belgium. The manufacturing operations consist of modern, automated aerosol filling lines, carefully selected raw materials and the considerable experience in blending formulations with independent quality assurance. They continue to invest in new equipment and site infrastructure to ensure their long-term commitment to product development and increased capacity for operational excellence. Action Can offers product reliability and the peace of mind that every can works just as well as the last. They believe in building long-lasting business partnerships founded on trust, cooperative solutions, delivery and quality.