The new Tork Craft hammer range in its new look red and black colours, with the ergonomic comfortable rubber shock proof handles, can easily be identified in their stunning instore displays, customers will certainly not miss this new hammer line up in store, they will also easily identify the correct hammer for the job from the great new range.  

“The new hammer range offers the customer every conceivable hammer type there is the complete option with steel and tough durable plastic handles,” said Ryan Hunt Director Vermont Sales. “Handle options have been carefully selected to give users optimum comfort plus there is the traditional wooden handle options. Other options are that the hammers heads are also available in difference weights. We have also added in a unique Tork Craft feature for all our heads and handles this involves a special safety pin securing the head and handle for added strength and safety. All the hammer heads are also highly polished with rounded tapered head ends,” said Hunt.  

“The awesome striking line up, has to be the best-looking hammer range available today,” said a retail instore manager. The Tork Craft red wall drives the customer to the new hammer range, they also get to have the touch and feel of each unit.”

The range consists of Curved Claw hammers, Ball Pein, Club, and Sledgehammers in 3 different weights, plus the Mason, Rubber and Nylon Mallet hammers the latter with replaceable nylon ends pieces. Added to this is the new Axes with same look and feel as the hammers. All are now available instore.