Twizza, one of South Africa’s best-loved soft drinks companies, founded by Ken Clark in 2003, has commissioned a state-of-the-art production canning line in Queenstown to can its popular Clark & Sons mixer range.
 “We’re really excited to announce that the canning line, our very first one, is up and running and in full operation, says Clark. Beginning as a small start-up, the new plant marks a significant milestone and is a true indicator of the company’s growing presence in the carbonated soft drink sector. 

The line is able to run 3600 cans per hour and the cannery will also offer contract packing as and when it has spare capacity. A fast-high spec line has been installed which is completely automated – from depalletizer to palletizer and through to the finished product. 

The plant, which runs pre-printed cans, has been designed to be flexible and accommodate any configuration on packaging as well as all can sizes. 

“Over and above the fact that we can now meet the increasing market demand for our beverages to our loyal consumers, the canning line has been able to create 24 new full-time jobs,” explains Clark. 

The brand recently launched two innovative new flavours to its existing 13-strong range – Baobab and Ginger Cola – which have been favourably received by consumers. Both new variants were curated specifically for the tastes of the local market.

As pioneers in the local refreshment industry, the plant is now firmly positioned as a modern production line producing the highest quality beverages. “This includes the aesthetic presentation of the product and the appeal that it has on the shelf,” says Clark, “We’re exceptionally proud, being an authentically South African company, and of the superior products that we make. To open this plant, which offers the most sophisticated canning equipment, is simply fantastic and bodes well for a continued growth into 2020.”