Nestlé and Dawn Foods have signed a long-term bakery contract for co-branding cooperation in the Europe, Middle East & North Africa (EMENA) Region.

kitkat-muffinThe deal will see the two companies work together on product innovation to develop a range of sweet bakery products, starting with muffins and cookies.

Dawn Foods will create recipes and a range of bakery products, made with ingredients from Nestlé.

“We are delighted about this partnership with Dawn Foods, which will allow us to bring to our consumers new innovative experiences with our confectionery brands. We selected Dawn Foods as our EMENA partner because of the high quality of their bakery products, their capability to convey our brands experiences to the consumers, and their leading position in the sweet bakery industry”, said Vincent de Clippele, Head of Nestlé Professional EMENA.

The first product launched will be a muffin, filled with milk chocolate and covered with KITKAT topping.

“The muffin made with KITKAT is the result of Dawn Foods’ market leadership in American pastry and the strengths of Nestlé’s confectionary brands which gives the unique KITKAT product taste experience,” said Steven Verweij, President, Europe & AMEAP, Dawn Foods.

“Dawn Foods and Nestlé Professional have agreed a long-term commitment to co-design new bakery products that carry the essence of the brand by combining state of the art bakery mixes with the best branded ingredients.”

The co-branded products will be available for bakery channels, quick service restaurants and other locations across EMENA regions.