The new class act, affordable Multi Sharp MS4100, an upgraded Knife and Blade sharpener is a Must-Have for all homeowners, kitchens, caravaners, campers, adventurers, outdoorsmen, and DIYers.    

The Sharpening heads on this tool are made of Tungsten Carbide, an extremely hard and effective sharpening material used in all professional industries, the tool quickly restores a really sharp knife edge, even on all smooth cutting-edge blades and really dull knives, bringing them all back to new. 

The Multi Sharp Top-Down sharpening method is utilised working the blade with the sharpener facing down over the blade edge. This makes it much easier to get a really sharp edge right up to the tip even on long curved blade edges. The new sharpener is extremely comfortable in hand, safe and easy to sharpen all household knives, mezzalunas, cleavers, penknives, sports knives, and multi-tool blades.

The MS4100 sharpening heads are made of Tungsten Carbide and
include an outstanding 5 year Guarantee. 

It comes with the easy to understand instructions and can be viewed online at

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