Warren Hewiit, CEO of the Greater Tygerberg Partnership; Cape Town Mayor, Dan Plato and Herman Grobler, Chief Experience Officer: Cipla

The Cipla Foundation, in collaboration with the Greater Tygerberg Partnership has launched a new community-based healthcare hub at the Bellville taxi rank that will provide primary healthcare services, eyecare and a chronic medicine pick-up point to the scores of commuters that pass through this area on a daily basis.

 It comprises an eyecare unit; a Chronic Dispensing Unit (CDU) pick-up point and a double nursing surgery – with capacity to treat 80 patients per day – that will be managed and run by Mandisa Swart, a qualified nurse with more than 10 years’ experience who is part of Cipla Foundation’s Sha’p Left initiative. Sha’p Left is a containerised healthcare solution developed by the Cipla Foundation.

“The convenient CDU allows patients on chronic medication to collect their medication at the hub while in transit to work or going home. The eyecare facility has been established with the help of well-known optometrists who were looking for an opportunity to get involved in community initiatives, and we felt that it was a good fit to include this group in the Bellville project,” said   Paul Miller, CEO of Cipla Medpro.

The Greater Tygerberg Partnership CEO, Warren Hewitt, says there is a dire need for a centrally located primary healthcare unit in the Bellville CBD. “The Bellville central business district is densely populated, with commuters making over 400 000 trips each day. While there are over 250 medical facilities in the area, the volume of people means that the existing healthcare facilities and clinics are already operating at capacity. We therefore wanted to introduce a new facility that could be rolled out quickly, and which could service the basic healthcare needs of a significant number of patients, offering a fee-for-service option to patients.

 “Sha’p Left’s containerised healthcare solution is ideal for our needs in the Bellville area as it has a fast turnaround time with regards to deployment (two weeks) and also offers flexibility to expand the operation as needed in the future.”  

The hub also offers a range of primary healthcare consultations as well as services such as family planning, woman’s health and basic disease management.

“The Bellville healthcare hub is the latest in our ongoing efforts to make healthcare accessible to all South Africans in keeping with our ethos of Caring for Life,” said Miller.

Source: Cipla