The DVDs,
originally launched on YouTube and on the Mpact website, have gained popularity
across websites and have been viewed thousands of times by customers,
suppliers, technology partners and students, and the general market, all of
whom have benefited from learning about the four major technologies used to
produce most of the rigid plastic products that are being utilised in our
households on a daily basis. It is now also available on Bizcommunity,
Plastixportal and packaging portals. 

This virtual factory
tour experience has especially been beneficial to customers who do not have the
opportunity to visit the Mpact factories in which their branded products are
produced. The initiative was launched as an attempt to “bring the factories to
the office people”, thereby aiding in their understanding of the manufacturing
process. This was done to widen their frame of reference and successfully work
with Mpact Plastics to offer consumers the best possible products. Furthermore,
it has facilitated effective and joint product development efforts between
Mpact and our customers. 

These DVDs are just
one example of how Mpact Plastics promotes business relationships and
undertakes initiatives that offer maximum benefits to our customers. 

To view the new DVDs online, visit the Mpact Plastics website by selecting the
link below –