Financing of Digital Signage Installations in South Africa set to become the Norm 

Moving Tactics, South Africa’s leading digital signage solutions company, has launched a new Rental Finance Division in response to increased calls for financing solutions for digital signage equipment. Moving Tactics’ Rental Finance solutions will enable customers to install the latest digital signage hardware and software whilst automatically implementing replacement and disposal strategies. 

Chris Day, Managing Director of Moving Tactics, says, “Clients have been asking us for a financing solution for many years and we felt now was the optimal time to launch our Moving Tactics Rental Finance Division. Businesses of all sizes are under strain financially and with the fluctuating Rand/Dollar exchange and unpredictability of the international trade environment, we wanted to provide our clients with financing solutions that would allow them to install the latest equipment and maintain that standard for years to come without having a massive once-off capital outlay”. 

The Rental Finance solutions offered are in line with international standard practice. According to Jacqui Wright and Sam Dippenaar, who have used their years of rental finance experience to establish Moving Tactics’ Rental Finance Division, this form of rental financing is the preferred choice for progressive businesses. “South Africa has caught up with the international trend to finance technology. With approximately 80% of global businesses financing their technology investment, it has become the norm to remain up-to-date with industry advances whilst preserving cash flow. There is simply no excuse to be left behind with inferior infrastructure,” says Wright.

Rental Finance Advantages
Over and above the explicit advantages of effective cash flow management and having up-to-date technology that is always under warranty and replaced every two to three years, Dippenaar explains that the simple and transparent process will appeal to businesses. “The rental finance solutions offered will simplify your administration and drive your replacement and disposal strategies. There are no hidden costs, no deposit, its 100% tax deductible and it’s an off balance sheet expense. All factors that should be highly attractive to any business”. 

Currently, many businesses sit with out-of-date equipment that is no longer compatible with the latest advances in software and technology. Obsolete equipment negates the reasons why retailers and Quick-Service Restaurants (QSR) initially installed the equipment to communicate and engage with their customers and promote products, services and specials to add value to their bottom lines.  

Rental finance solutions work well for franchise and corporate businesses and several financing agreements have been finalised with Moving Tactics’ QSR and retail clients such Clicks, Edgars and Famous Brands’ franchisees at Wimpy. “Over the years, we’ve listened to what our clients want and need and these rental finance solutions are tailored to meet their requirements. 

“Especially for franchisees, an outlay of capital for a digital signage installation can be almost impossible, so the rental finance option has proven popular. It provides them with flexibility and peace of mind knowing that they have the latest technology installed in their store; and that will be replaced every two to three years, which means it remains under warranty. It really is a new way of doing business for the digital signage industry here in South Africa,” adds Day.

Moving Tactics, the leading digital signage solutions company in South Africa, develops customised digital signage technologies and constantly creates innovative communications solutions. The Moving Tactics Rental Finance Division is managed by Jacqui Wright, who is the Founder of Highlands Rental Finance and has 25 years’ of experience in technology, finance and business management; and Sam Dippenaar, who has extensive experience working with financial institutions and understands the reasons why and when they approve finance applications.