Monster Reserve
Monster Energy has developed a line extension like no other with the creation of Monster Reserve and their new crafted flavours, White Pineapple and Watermelon. 

The Monster Reserve line is a premium flavour offering, but at the regular line price. With full flavour profiles and a new take on the already beloved drink, Monster Reserve is sure to quench those fruity energy cravings.

Watermelon Monster Reserve gives you energy and summer feelings, all year long. The fan favorite flavor is juicy and authentic. Or, take a tropical twist on your favorite energy drink with White Pineapple. 

White Pineapple blends the classic tropical flavor with different notes for a unique drinking experience. Both flavors are full sugar and feature 160 mg of caffeine per 16 oz. serving.

“Monster is listening to our consumers. They want the Monster experience with flavors that only Monster can provide said Dan McHugh of Monster Energy. 

“Watermelon and White Pineapple were easy choices for Monster Reserve as they’re both extremely popular with all ages and are delicious standouts from our pre-existing flavours.”

Monster Reserve is rolling out to US convenience and grocery stores to match the demand for these leading flavour profiles.