Amid the panic over the
COVID-19, it seems as though people have forgotten that soap and water are our
best defence against disease. While hand sanitisers can reduce germs, they do
not get them off your skin completely and the alcohol they contain can irritate
and dry skin out if used frequently.

Washing with soap and water on
the other hand creates friction and reduces the amounts of germs and chemicals
on your hands. Rinsing gets the soap and germs off your skin and down the
drain. According to a professor at Simmons University, the coronavirus pathogen
is encased in a layer of fat that soap destroys, making the virus less able to
infect you.

Another controversial
sanitising method getting a lot of attention as we move to Level 3 is
disinfection tunnels. These tunnels are a means of spraying the public with a
chemical mist as they walk through a tunnel entrance, which is supposed to
disinfect exposed areas such as hands.  However, The WHO, as well as the
Pan American Health Organisation (PAHO) have condemned these disinfection
tunnels and the effects they will have on overall health.

Amidst the sanitiser and
disinfection tunnel disputes, there are businesses providing practical
solutions during the pandemic, such as mo- Wash, who are supplying
vital hand washing stationsNow more than ever, mo-Wash is
meeting a great need in South Africa, providing a practical and cost-effective
solution to the market, aimed at tackling the challenge of maintaining good
public hygiene.

mo-Wash has a hands-free water
delivery system with a timer that controls water flow, a solar panel to power
the water station, plus a battery option, and even Wi-Fi. The unit,
which is now on
, delivers a powerful 20-second
wash, but the owner can adjust the settings according to his or her needs.
Unlike other competitors, the unit does not require a foot pump.

“Instead of scouring the
shelves for bulk hand sanitizer, or spraying people down in tunnels and
adversely affecting their health, businesses should instead focus on providing
staff with mobile hand washing units. Research shows washing your hands for 20
seconds with soap and water is one of the best defences against the spread of
viruses,” says Godfrey Sono the Founder.

For information, as well as
COVID-19 specials, visit or email mo-Wash are open for hiring
their mobile hand washers to businesses, funerals and small gatherings,
provided they prescribe to the lockdown regulations.