Tork Craft’s new Pro Series metal cutter cuts all types of metal, plastic and even wood, it attaches to an electric or cordless drill, delivering 3000 rpm, it offer an excellent accurate cutting speed of 2 metres per minute. Producing clean professional cuts with no burrs at the cutting edge. It can be adjusted 360 degrees to meet any cutting angle allowing you to cut straight or any shape or pattern.

Once fitted to your power drill it offers a very secure comfortable handle and balance working with your drill grip and the 2nd handle on the cutter, making cutting a walk in the park. Metal bit cooling oil is recommended for long cuts. 

The tool comes with very clear operating instructions that are simple to follow. When cutting plate, mount the plate to be cut about 15 cm from your cutting platform or bench, the drill and cutter must be vertical to the plate you are cutting. Also insure you follow the safety instructions on the information card. 

The Tork Craft Pro Series metal cutter has turned metal cutting on its head making sheet metal and all other metal cutting a quick, easy and simple task, it’s the perfect tool for the service, industry, metal workers, workshops and the DIYer. The kit comes with a tool change spanner and a spare cutting shaft, a full range of replacement parts and spares are also available from the agents.