The beverage, pharmaceutical, industrial, cosmetics and nutraceuticals sectors all commonly use coding and marking applications for bottles. However, they all need their marking to meet certain standards and requirements that depend on the packaging substrate, the production line’s speed, and the product’s intended use.

Two technologies for coding plastic bottles
The robust SmartLase C150S and C350S laser coders from Markem-Imaje (locally available from Pyrotec PackMark) are one of two major technologies for coding plastic bottles at more than 100 000 plastic bottles/hour. 

These coders can be easily integrated into high-speed production lines that require permanent coding for traceability purposes. The SmartLase C150S and C350S achieve maximum print contrast on plastic materials and use proprietary crossless fonts to prevent bottle perforation. 

A major differentiator of Markem-Imaje’s coders is its proprietary technology. In this case, its patented scribing system – Intelli’Arc® paired with Intelli’Cool® –delivers faster codes with greater reliability and throughput at higher duty cycles, even in hot, humid and dusty environments. 

This also applies when marking products with increasingly complex codes such as those demanded by the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical sectors where traceability is essential and code lengths are expected to double.

Greater peace of mind, more codes per minute even in extreme conditions, and savings of up to 150 hours/year with faster changeovers.
100% code compliance.
No package damage, product claims, recalls or scrap resulting from incorrect or non-compliant codes.
Minimal corrective maintenance or downtime.
Optimised return on investment and total cost of ownership. 
Dedicated to beverage production
The second option for bottle coding is Markem-Imaje’s ultrafast 9450 S continuous inkjet (CIJ) printer. Also available from Pyrotec PackMark, this printer is dedicated to beverage production lines and can produce a two-line code on 120 000 containers or packs/hour. 

What’s significant in this case is that Markem-Imaje boasts the most high-tech CIJ inks on the market. Also available are speciality inks that can be removed with caustic soda, designed for customers looking to reuse their plastic bottles. 

Gain time by coding all your products with the same printer, regardless of package size, printing
area, substrate type, product treatment (pasteurisation) and speed.
Capable of securely coding two lines on 120 000 containers or packs/hour.
Suitable for promoting brands and conveying marketing initiatives and campaigns.
Operators can mark and read codes directly on the user interface to check they’re correct and prevent product recalls and waste.
The Smart consumable system reduces errors and requires no setup.
A hygienic full stainless steel design with no retention zones allows for efficient washdown (full IP56/IP66).