Made with only the best potatoes and a seasoning of combined paprika and herb
spices you can expect your taste buds to tingle. Everyone loves a good chip but
a wedge adds something a little different to the table and these spicy wedges
are sure to have dad, kids and the in-laws coming back for more. 

We know you are asking the question, but what would complement the new
limited-edition McCain Spicy Wedges? The answer is simple, basically anything
your family loves. Ribs and wedges, marinated chicken and wedges, a delicious
steak and wedges, Pregos and wedges and the list goes on. With the cooking time
of 16 – 18 minutes in the oven or 5½ minutes of frying, dinner will be ready in
under 20 minutes, no fuss, no stress just a little bit of spice. 

So next time you are walking down the frozen food isle keep a lookout for the
new McCain Spicy Wedges, take the work out of deciding what to make on a Friday
night and add a little spice to the mix. 

The new limited-edition McCain Spicy Wedges are now available at all major
retailers nationwide at a RSP of R29.99.

Source: Fastmoving