With the 3rd wave firmly tightening its grip, it’s vital for retailers to be cognisant of the COVID danger created by a POS device. 

Research indicates that a busy cashier transacts with 300-500 customers per shift. The SARS-CoV-2 virus has been reported to survive on certain surfaces for up to 72 hours, highlighting the importance of cleaning high contact zones. 

Dashpay’s innovative automated point-of-sale UVC LED disinfection device is designed to fit over your card machine and sanitize the keypad after every user interaction.
The device has been tested by the CSIR and found to be up to 99.9% effective against viruses and bacteria, specifically SARS-COV-2 virus.

What are the benefits of Dashpay UV?

• Minimal power requirements
• Long lamp life, up to 10 000 hours
• Does not produce ozone
• More environmentally friendly

• Ultra-fast cleaning process, only a few seconds required after each interaction

• Programmed to sanitize the keypad after each user interaction
• Removes responsibility from cashier to continuously disinfect
• 4 highly sensitive built-in motion sensors
• UVC light automatically switches off when someone approaches keypad
• Dosage time automatically calculated to POS device height

• Reduces risk of infection
• Prevents damage to devices as result of liquid sanitizers sprayed onto card machines
• Ensures staff and shopper confidence in-store
• Light energy focused on keypad only
• Photo-biological tests have revealed that light emitted just 5cm way from the keypad is less exposure to the midday sun
• UVC light waves disappear within milliseconds after device is turned off, making it safe for human interaction

CSIR and independent studies have found Dashpay UV to be 99.9% effective against the SARS-CoV-2 virus, as well as other bacteria and viruses. Field studies have shown that Dashpay UV is more effective than industry leading sanitisers and manual sanitizing procedures

How does it work?
• Keypad is automatically sanitized after each user interaction
• Red light indicates sanitizing phase
• Blue light indicates sanitizing is complete
• Enters sleep mode after 3 minutes of no interactions

Retail Brief Africa have partnered with Dashpay UV to bring you a unique discount that will undoubtedly be welcome during these tough times. 

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