(Photo by Cornel van Heerden) www.cornelvanheerden.com
This Women’s Month, Lynca celebrates the phenomenal women in its workforce – from the office to the demanding (and cold!) de-boning plant, as valued members of its staff, and as the mothers, grandmothers, daughters, aunts, and sisters of its extended community. They are celebrated for their femininity, their strength, and their commitment to the company.

Just as women form the backbone of our families and our communities, they are also an essential component of the Lynca Meats workforce in all aspects of pork processing and production. 

Though farms and pork processing plants are male dominated and physically intensive environments, Lynca Meats employs hundreds of women without whom running the business would never be possible. 

Many are the sole bread-winners for their families and come from the communities surrounding Lynca Meats’ operations, and so the organisation is proud to spearhead a number of female-focused projects to assist in a multitude of ways.

“Although COVID-19 has forced us to put the brakes on some projects we had in the pipeline this year, we continue to help women inside and outside the organisation wherever we can,” said Melissa Franken, CSI Liasion at Lynca Meats. 

“We continue to offer support to our employees on common women’s issue through the Lynca LifeLine Workshops – a safe platform to talk about our issues and emotional wellness in general.”

Further out into the community, Lynca Meats works closely with a number of organisations to assist schools in the area – where the drop-out rate is significant, especially among girls. 

The company has engaged the help of Mrs. South Africa Semi-Finalist, Mmule Ramothibe Ka Pityana, who shares her story to inspire young girls in the Sicelo community to stay in school.

“We have also engaged with a local landowner, who is allowing us to start a community food garden on her property. This will offer some much needed fresh produce to the women of this poor community and their families, particularly in the midst of the current lockdown restrictions”, added Franken.

COVID-permitting, Lynca Meats is excited to pick up on its various other projects in the works as soon as possible, working hard in the knowledge that so many lives and livelihoods depend on the hard-working women of Lynca and its surrounding communities.