For the first time, Vaseline has replaced its iconic Petroleum Jelly jar branding with a limited-edition collection of eight original designs. The temporary makeover is part of the brand’s Journey of a Jar campaign, which invites South Africans to discover and share Vaseline’s “journeys of healing around the world”.
Officially launched on 2 April, South Africa was the first market globally to see this collection on shelf. 

Inspiration behind the campaign
For people living in areas affected by disaster, crisis or extreme poverty, the simplest skin conditions can become serious issues that make it hard to take part in daily life. That’s why Vaseline created The Vaseline Healing Project, in partnership with Direct Relief, an international medical aid organisation. Since 2015 the project has been assisting to provide dermatological care, medical supplies, Vaseline products and health worker training with the goal of helping heal the skin of five million people by 2020. 
In South Africa, where there are only 250 trained dermatologists serving a population of over 54 million people, many people in rural and impoverished communities suffer with serious skin conditions and end up travelling long distances and standing in queues at clinics, missing valuable work or school days, or living in discomfort. 
The Vaseline Healing Project teaches local communities to practice basic skin care, helping to prevent serious skin conditions from developing. According to the brand, the project has impacted the lives of over 300,000 South Africans through clinic and school outreach programmes, and trained over 300 healthcare workers.
Through the Journey of the Jar campaign, people across the globe are able to see these healing stories come to life, with each of the limited edition jars representing a community touched by The Vaseline Healing Project. The three South African jar designs represent the three communities of Gauteng, Eastern Cape and Kwa-Zulu Natal, where the project has had the greatest impact to date.

A reflection of heritage
“Inspired by the rich diversity of our country, showcased through colorful beadwork, authentic patterns and vibrant colours, they are a celebration of all the South Africans who use Vaseline daily to care for their skin,” says Vaseline.
Consumers will also be able to buy jars representing India, Jordan, Kenya, Indonesia and China – each designed to help bring to life their heritage through vibrant colours, scenery and patterns inspired by abstract illustrations that reflect the countries styles. 
“You can view these incredible journeys of hope and healing by scanning the QR code or using the Whatsapp number on pack,” said Muhammed Bhana, Vaseline brand manager. 
“Each jar will tell the story of the country represented in the design. While someone in South Africa views the story of The Vaseline Healing Project in China, someone in Jordan may be watching the story of our local projects in the Eastern Cape. These stories help us to gain global recognition for our communities but also bring us together as a global community, allowing us to understand different people’s struggles and how something as small as a jar of Vaseline can make an extraordinary difference.”