Lancewood has introduced an all-new Double Cream Tropical Fruit Yoghurt to its product range. The first of its kind in South Africa, this deliciously creamy, fruity yoghurt is lactose free, making it ideal for lactose intolerant consumers. 

Lactose intolerance refers to the inability to fully digest the milk sugar, lactose, found in dairy. Lancewood’s lactose free yoghurt is made with extra care where a lactase enzyme is added during the yoghurt-making process. 

This enzyme breaks down the lactose sugar into glucose and galactose – making this yoghurt a little kinder on your digestive system. 

Everyone can enjoy Lancewood’s Lactose Free Yoghurt range as it is made with real dairy and the same high quality ingredients consumers have come to expect from Lancewood. 

According to Shereen Anderhold, Lancewood Marketing Manager, “Consumers are constantly looking for new and delicious ways to spoil themselves. With our expanding yoghurt range, we strive to offer the perfect flavour for every moment to meet various consumer demands. 

“Whether you’re following a specific diet, looking for a pick me up, protein boost, convenient snack or simply craving a guilt-free indulgent treat, Lancewood has the ideal yoghurt for you and your family.”

A few additional benefits associated with yoghurt: 

  • Yoghurt is a good source of high-quality protein, supplying the amino acids needed to build muscles and other tissues. Getting enough protein is important for appetite regulation as it increases the production of hormones that signal satiety. 
  • Regular yoghurt consumption may significantly reduce the prevalence of nutrient deficiencies for riboflavin, vitamin B-12, calcium, magnesium and zinc. 
  • Getting enough calcium plays a role in helping to regulate body weight, body fat and metabolic function. 
  • Yoghurt is also known to be a good source of potassium, which may help ease tension inside blood vessels positively impacting blood pressure.