More free plans from Kreg’s BuildSomething for Desk Calendar & Pencil Holder, Wine Gift Box, Easy Advent Calendar House, Christmas Tree Advent Calendar, Light Up Christmas Art, Wood Candle Holder and Colorful Clocks

Seven new quick weekend builds for Christmas gifts from the Kreg Tool Company. These plans are now available to all wood workers, DIYers, general homeowners wood working hobbyists and Kreg customers. Each project includes a full step by step working plan of instructions, working drawings, images, the sizes, and the tools needed. Simply go to Kreg BuildSomething, “Gifts you can make In a weekend” Use the following link then enter the plan you are looking for in Search i.e. Desk Calendar & Pencil Holder.

Desk Calendar & Pencil Holder
Go into the new year with a fresh workspace with this desk calendar holder to hang a 5×7 calendar combined with a pencil holder. This build incorporates pocket hole joinery, so it is quite easy to make and perfect for beginners. This desk organizer & calendar holder would make a lovely Christmas gift!

Wine Gift Box
We partnered with Dremel® to bring you this Wine Gift Box. Paired with a special bottle of wine, this handmade gift box will be the perfect surprise for the wine lover in your life. Customize the box with any decorative print or verse (simply transfer to box).

Easy Advent Calendar House
Create fun holiday memories with a simple Christmas countdown, advent calendar. Every day in December leading up to the 25th, you get to move the colorful pin to the next dated window. This is a simple project that can be made in just a few hours. Great for beginners!

Christmas Tree Advent Calendar 
This is an amazingly simple, minimalistic approach to an advent calendar. There are 25 holes drilled in this tree, leaving a place to hang an ornament a day in December. Or use this in place of a traditional Christmas Tree, and still have a place to hang your favorite ornaments.

Light Up Christmas Art
Decorate your home this Christmas with an easy DIY! This light up Christmas display art is so easy to customize so you can create any scene that you wish. The plan provides a template for this tree design so that this artwork can last all winter long, even after Christmas is over!

Wood Candle Holder
Every woodworker has a pile of leftover scrap wood from other projects. Typically, they do not throw away small wood pieces and try to use them on small wood projects. These DIY Wooden Candle Holders are made from a scrap wood pile.

Colorful Clocks
Creating your own clocks can be easy. This wall clock and desk clock both feature clock faces made from short lengths of 1×8 board. The desk version gets a dowel added as a stand. Both use a battery-operated quartz movement and hands that you can pick up inexpensively from a hobby store or online.

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