“We went back to the simplest, most universal form of acknowledgement and
achievement we could think of, a shiny golden mini trophy with your name and
achievement on it. We kept thinking of that trophy on your desk, and having to
explain to your colleagues what you did to deserve it,” explained Wilton Ackeer
34°’s Joint CD.

The objective of the campaign was to reward any act of true friendship,
regardless how small, with a personalised trophy. A friend who orders a round
of drinks days before payday could receive the golden friendship trophy. A
friend who crawls out of bed in the middle of the night to give you a
jump-start could receive the trophy. Real friendship would finally be
acknowledged with gold. 

All unique friendships in this ongoing campaign are being rewarded with a
statue and a bottle of Klipdrift. But a handful of friendships are being
celebrated with friendship experiences where a group of friends get to spend a
day together, doing something they love. 

The campaign is live and growing. Visit www.klipdrift.co.za to
nominate your friend for their feats of friendship, and they too could be
immortalised with a mini golden trophy.