Kerry has officially released its Botanicals Collection Zero, a range of clean label, “premium” botanical extracts – containing 0 percent ethanol – designed specifically for the low- and no-alcohol beverage markets. The portfolio includes 15 standard products and 35 others, including juniper, rosebud, elderflower, cocoa, turmeric and cinnamon, which address consumer demands for moderation without compromising on taste, the taste and nutrition company states.

Botanicals are blossoming in alcohol NPD. Innova Market Insights has tracked a 21 percent CAGR growth in alcoholic beverages launches with botanical flavors (Global, 2015-2019). The market researcher has also found that 18 percent of launches with botanical flavors were tracked with a no additives/preservatives health claim, crowning it as the most widely used claim paired with botanicals (Global, 2019). Gluten-Free (17 percent) and organic (14 percent) claims took a close second and third place in the flower and herb space.

“We are pleased to launch the Botanicals Collection Zero range of high-quality authentic botanical distillates to beverage producers interested in producing more refined and better-tasting low- or no-alcohol drinks,” says Michel Aubanel, Flavor Ingredients Global Development Manager for Kerry. 

Consumer expectations are currently not being met by mocktails and other no-alcohol options due to the fact that products often resemble juices rather than alcohol, he notes. “Increasingly, consumers want the upscale experience of the glass, ice and taste, but without the alcohol content. The Kerry Botanicals Collection Zero portfolio can deliver a premium drink that tastes great,” Aubanel asserts.