Kellogg’s has introduced a new all-bran cereal with prebiotic fibre, designed to support digestive health.

Two flavours are available, Original and Almond & Pumpkin Seeds, both of which reportedly feature natural prebiotic chicory root fibre and wheat bran fibre to nourish ‘good’ bacteria in the gut.

The company also claims that the cereal is low in sugar.

Kellogg’s reports that it is planning to double its investment in its high fibre brands this year. The company will also continue to focus on raising awareness of the benefits of high fibre foods and a healthy gut following its 2019 ‘Happy Guts’ campaign.

Catriona Campbell-Voegt, nutritionist and Kellogg’s UK wellbeing lead, said: “It’s clear that having a healthy gut can have a massive impact on our overall wellbeing. 70% of our immune cells are found in our gut, and it’s directly linked with our brain, so how we fuel it is so important.

“We’re excited to now offer two more delicious cereals which support good gut health to help everyone eat more fibre and feel at their best every day.”

Kellogg’s has expanded its portfolio in recent years to include cereals catering to the demand for healthier consumer options, including the launch of a new prebiotics and probiotics range and a vegan ‘no added sugar’ granola.

All-Bran Prebiotic Oaty Clusters are available for an RRP of £2.99 per 380g pack from all major supermarkets.