Jungle Taystee Wheat porridge lovers you can now rejoice: The original cereal product will be back on the South African shelves soon.

This comes after the company stopped selling the original product due to changes in their production lines.

Many people were left confused as to why the company has not been producing Taystee Wheat porridge for several months now. Others even went as far as asking if there is a new box label for the Taystee Wheat porridge as they could not find it at stores.

“I love oat porridge for breakfast but have had enough. What’s happened to “Taystee Wheat”? I can’t find it anywhere @TigerBrands with a blob of butter and honey it’s perfect for cold. winters day,” enquired media expert, William Bird on Twitter.

Tiger Brands responded saying that they are currently out of stock of Taystee Wheat sadly, but the product should be filtering into the trade soon.
Speaking to marketing manager at Tiger Brands, Kershnee Kallee, she said that due to the coronavirus pandemic and lockdown level 5 and 4 restrictions they had to make some changes to their production lines.
“Due to the Covid pandemic and lockdown level 5 and 4 restrictions we had to make some changes to our production lines. As such some products were prioritised over others for production. Taystee was one of the products that had to be de-prioritised for us to meet the demand for Jungle Oats. However, since level 3 and now 2, Taystee is back in production and will start filtering into stores soon,” said Kallee.
This is not the only product that disappeared during the lockdown.
Last month, social media went in a frenzy as Nestlé announced that it will be discontinuing the production of some of its sweet treats in South Africa this month.
Consumer communication and marketing excellence director, Nestlé East and Southern Africa, Zumi Njongwe, said that while it is true that Nestlé’s Chocolate Log, Bar One Peanut, Milkybar Peanut and Milky Bar Double will not be returning to shelves from August 2020, they are making way for new, tastier and exciting products for people to enjoy and fall in love with.
Source: www.iol.co.za