Given the importance of delivering a differentiated customer experience, organisations of all sizes must ensure that their teams can collaborate effectively in a distributed work environment. This is where Atlassian’s Jira software development tool facilitates the creation of more integrated, agile teams, according to local partner Obsidian Systems.

“Effective collaboration involves teamwork. From getting a new customer to providing them with a quote, implementing a solution, and providing ongoing support requires multiple people across different teams to work in sync with one another. 

“Communicating with the customer and keeping them satisfied throughout the process become vital to establishing trust,” says James Wicks, Atlassian Business Consultant at Obsidian.

Traditionally, email was at the centre of how work was done. It was used to enhance internal and external communications at companies. Even though it is still an acceptable platform, there is always a risk of emails getting lost. With customers likely to turn to a competitor following a negative email experience, companies cannot risk this happening.

“At a time when most businesses receive hundreds of emails per day, it is easy for something to be missed. It is especially in smaller organisations who cannot afford to lose clients due to a lack of email collaboration between departments where a different approach is required,” he says.

A collaboration tool like Jira can integrate all emails across the business to provide line of sight for everything happening in the organisation. It also enables the building of more sophisticated reports that empower decision-makers with the knowledge of where to proactively address issues before they impact on the customer experience.

Jira can monitor everything from network performance to services being delivered and send alerts if customers are down even before they realise it.

“Using Jira, we can build scripts that automatically restart any critical processes that might have stopped or crashed. This automation frees up admin time and ensures key personnel are always informed of what is going on. 

“Effectively, Jira provides a single source of truth that shows what has happened to a system throughout the year. From an audit perspective, auditors and business owners can have complete trust in the environment,” adds Wicks.

Even if departments work on different systems, Jira can integrate everything to ensure they ‘talk’ to one another. Again, this ensures that the company has one trusted source of information. And because it is a cloud-based solution, it can easily scale to the demands of the business.

“It is also a solution that can benefit small businesses. Depending on the number of licences required, SMEs can use Jira for free. And if they grow, they can cost-effectively purchase additional seats without impacting on the performance of the environment.”

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