Keabetswe Mokwoena (3) and Letlotlo Making (5) who live at Phelang Disability Home in Bloemfontein

The cook off, held at Nestlé’s test kitchen, celebrated the return of CREMORA’s original creamier, smoother taste. Key media including the Daily Sun, Sunday Independent, Essays of Africa, Supermarket & Retailer, Retail Brief Africa, Joburg Foodie, Move, Stokvel Magazine, Food & Home Entertaining and Essentials created a unique savoury recipe that celebrated memories of the CREMORA taste. After showcasing their creations with CREMORA as the hero of the dish, they were treated to lunch and dessert, which both shared the coffee creamer as the key ingredient.

CREMORA Marketing Manager, Nithal Soni–Ramjee said: “As one of South Africa’s best loved brands, CREMORA is more than a coffee creamer – it is a taste of our shared cultural heritage. The cook-off was an exciting opportunity to share the return to our original taste with media while making the lives of those less fortunate better in the process.” 

Phelang Disability Home is a charity that provides day care services for children between the ages of 1 and 25 with Cerebral Palsy and other special needs, focusing on attentive child minding, physical therapy and personal development. This holistic approach aims to equip the children with the skills they need to integrate into mainstream facilities and help them cope with everyday life.

Makgosi Motlolometsi, the founder of Phelang Disability Home explains further: “We are passionate about instilling a sense of worth in the children from a young age. We do this through providing a loving and nurturing environment for each child. Solomon’s kind donation will be used to buy beds to allow us to change the children comfortably and for them to sleep on. This will give them an important sense of comfort, as they are currently being changed on thin mattresses on the floor. We are grateful for CREMORA’s generosity.”

The home was registered in 2017 and currently has three staff members who look after nine children, all aged between four and nine years. As they grow, they hope to become known as a world-class facility for children with Cerebral Palsy based in a township.

Solomon concludes: “I have always loved the original CREMORA taste and am so pleased that my winning dish, CREMORA Chicken Pasta, will have a tangible impact on the lives of others. Whether it is the simple act of making someone a cup of coffee with CREMORA, or donating to a charity like I have, there is always a way to make someone’s day better.”

CREMORA is more than just a coffee creamer. It’s part of our fondest memories beyond a cup of coffee. CREMORA with the original taste is now available in stores throughout the country. Like us on Facebook: CREMORASA, follow us on Twitter: @CREMORASA


CREMORA is a coffee and/tea enhancer (also food enhancer). The brand has been part of the South African coffee drinking culture since 1970! Coffee creamers were originally developed as a non-dairy based formula able to deliver a better performance of coffee creaming than milk. It reduces coffee bitterness and acidity, delivers body, gives a creamy taste and even improves coffees appearance. CREMORA smoothes the bitterness of coffee and provides an indulgent treat by providing a rich and creamy taste and appetising golden colour.

CREMORA is Halaal and Kosher certified.  Allergens: Contains Wheat (Gluten) and cow’s milk