A digital signage network can be compared to a retail store. It looks and operates at its best when it first opens but with time, and as technologies and trends change, the retailer needs to update his offering by introducing new products, promotions and up-to-date infrastructure and technologies or the store will start looking dated, perform poorly and put customers off. An old store, like an old digital signage network, will also impact on the bottom line as its look and feel is linked to the brand as well as to advertising sales and promotions.  

According to Kevin Bierman, Head of Digital Signage Solutions at Moving Tactics, South Africa’s leading digital signage solutions company, “Technology moves so fast these days, so retailers and franchisees need to make an effort to keep up. In order to ensure that you have the most up-to-date digital signage network in place that offers the best in technology, content and features, you need to ideally replace the network every three years, once the equipment warranties have expired. The positives are that you will experience minimal downtime and be able to introduce the latest technological advancements such as self-service touch kiosks or weather-based menu boards as part of your new network”.

The downside is that replacing a digital signage network every three years is costly, especially for smaller businesses such as independent retailers and franchisees.  Another negative is that once your equipment becomes too outdated, it’s much more difficult to get back up to speed.

So what are your options? Other than laying out a large sum of money to purchase your digital signage network outright, more and more businesses are choosing to finance their technology investments to preserve cash flow. 

“Over and above the explicit advantages of effective cash flow management, you also get to have up-to-date technology that is always under warranty and replaced every three years,” says Sam Dippenaar at Moving Tactics Finance Division. “The rental finance solutions offered these days simplify a business’s administration and drives their replacement and disposal strategies. Rental finance for technology investments are 100% tax deductible, which many business owners are not aware of.  These are all factors that should be highly attractive to any business”. 

“Replacing your digital signage hardware every three years will ensure that your network runs at its optimal best; and instead of laying out the cash, business owners can now select a rental option that will preserve their business cash flow and allow them financial peace of mind”, concludes Bierman.