Gloves are essential for protection and hand care for all types of work and should ultimately be worn in all situations for protection when using outdoor tools, equipment and power tools. They are also a must for all types of two wheel riding and racing. 

Specialist branded gloves are hugely expensive and one can really spend a small fortune on big name brands. Tork Craft has a comprehensive range of gloves that covers all these markets at very affordable prices matching the quality of the leading brands.

Recent tests by specialist two wheeler off-road riders proved that the Tork Craft, gloves, Blue Air Mesh and the Spandex Red gloves were perfect and did the job compared to the big brand name gloves that were available. The palms are reinforced and padded and the closures on the bottom side made a lot of sense. One cool thing on the red terry cloth on the back of the thumb is that it is very handy to give your goggles a quick wipe while on the fly. The reason these gloves are so popular and well accepted is quite simple, they were designed by multiple SA National Motocross legend, Ryan Hunt, who certainly knows about good gloves after his 45 years of competitive racing and working in the largest tool and accessory business all his life. 

Similar tests on the quality were done in the workplace, various industries, tool shops, gardening and construction sites. They all fitted comfortably, had a longer life, were very reasonably priced and offered an impressive value for money package. The Tork Craft “Work” and “All Purpose” gloves have the range to suit all types of working and sporting needs as they were more robust and offered great protection and a good comfortable grip.

“Ones hands are very important to ones livelihood and injuring fingers and hands can be a serious set back in your day to day job, said Ryan Hunt Director Vermont Sales. We use gloves in the work place, at home, in the garden, workshop, for riding mountain bikes and for all our Motocross and enduro racing, the Tork Craft range covers all ones specific needs,” said Hunt.   

Tork Craft gloves are available from all leading outlets countrywide, call Vermont Sales for your nearest outlet

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