After 18 months on extensive testing, Jyara Mobile Rewards – the latest in mobile rewards has launched in SA. Say hello to getting back every rand spent and say goodbye to “reward schemes” that require thousands of “points” before you can make a purchase. 

The Jyara Mobile Rewards Programme guarantees great benefits and instant rewards when using the Jyara Mobile App at over 50 participating retailers across the country. Whether you are recharging with airtime or ordering a pizza, you will always get 100% of what you spend back in Sigmas to spend again – all for only R45 per month.

Welcome to a world of ‘consequence-free shopping’.

Get your money back instantly with:
Airtime/Data purchases
Pizza orders
Beer/brandy/whisky etc
Clothing and bedding purchases
Tech accessories
Airplane tickets
Holiday accommodation
Car rentals

With your membership you will receive:
Σ1 for every rand you spend 
100% Money Back on Domestic Flights
100% Money Back at Debonairs
100% Money Back at Taxify
100% Money Back on our online shop
Secure Online Sigma Wallet
With the Jyara Mobile Sim Card you receive:
100% Money Back on Airtime and Data

How does it work?
For every rand that you spend you immediately receive its equivalent back in ∑ Sigma tokens. If you spend the ∑ (Sigma tokens) with Jyara Mobile, you will receive R1 value for every ∑ (Sigma Token). 

 A Sigma (symbol ∑) is a virtual asset or virtual token issued by Jyara Mobile Pty Ltd. This is a virtual currency (Virtual asset) that has a constant Rand cash value and a fluctuating purchasing value.

All about Sigmas:
∑ is worth considerably more when used to pay for goods than the Rand cash value.
Holders can ‘mine’ ∑ when they pay for goods or services at participating vendors with cash/card in Rands – ( ∑ cannot be ‘mined’ when ∑ is used to purchase goods)  ∑ may also be mined when performing work or any other form of labour including human capital.
∑ Vest in the holders Jyara Mobile APP automatically and immediately once ‘mined’ from participating vendors.
Members may also convert the ∑ into Rands. Jyara Mobile will buy the ∑ from the holder at R0.40. To convert ∑ into Rand which can take up to 3 hours. Jyara Mobile will first authenticate the ∑ before converting it to Rand.
The holder of ∑ may sell ∑ to another holder for a Rand cash value larger than R0.40. Willing buyer, willing seller principal will apply.
∑ vested in the holders mobile APP will never ‘expire’.
When ∑ are ‘mined ‘the vendor may charge a transaction fee (Gas) of ∑1.
There are no transaction fees (Gas) when the holder uses ∑ to pay a vendor for goods.
The holder of ∑ will use his/her mobile APP to transfer ∑ to a vendor when purchasing goods with ∑.
The holder must have an internet connection when transacting with ∑.
Vendors will pay ∑ to holders via vendor ∑ POS software.

Benefits of Sigmas: 
∑ will stimulate trade.
∑ eliminates the risk of having to carry cash.
∑ will increase your monthly disposal income and allow you to live a much higher lifestyle.
∑ allows the holder (YOU) to get ALL your money back that you spend on airtime/data, fast foods, partying, airline tickets, holidays etc.

Sign up now and enjoy unlimited Sigmas.Look out for the ∑ sign at participating retailers. 

Download the Jyara Mobile APP from Google Play store and start immediately. This is the most fun that you can have with your money!

Sainesh Ramsundar 
061 568 5356